Must-Read Rosé Report

Tod Stewart - July 1, 2015

Rosé wines continue to shed their bad rap (or at least most of the misconceptions surrounding them have been shed). Pretty much gone is the notion that these wines are “candy wine” – sweet starters for the young ‘uns migrating from coolers to the more sophisticated stuff. Here’s a roundup of a few that have passed my palate over the past little while. All are …

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Prohibition-era laws removed in Nova Scotia!

Quench - June 29, 2015

Nova Scotia has opened its borders to the Canadian wine industry, following the lead of Bristish Columbia and Manitoba. The three Canadian provinces have reconciled their laws with Bill C-311 which removed the federal law banning the shipment of alcohol between provinces for personal consumption in 2012. In plain English, this means that Nova Scotia residents of legal drinking age may now purchase 100% Canadian …

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How to Survive the Limepocalypse

Christine Sismondo - June 26, 2015

When I started seeing references to “green juice” all over social media a few months back, I’ll admit I became pretty excited. I was certain verjus — the pressed juice made from under-ripe grapes — was finally going mainstream. People, at last, were tweaking to the promise of this up-and-comer, known to many as the chef’s “secret weapon,” used in salads, sauces and anything that …

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Why you should drink Canadian Pinot Blanc

Michael Pinkus - June 22, 2015

It’s time we put all the cards on the table … if you want to talk about a misunderstood and disrespected grape variety, you need look no further than Pinot Blanc. “We cannot understand why Pinot Blanc isn’t more popular, especially here in British Columbia,” says Roland Kruger of Wild Goose Winery, “it grows superbly and we are able to get full ripeness every year, …

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Shocking – Assessing Winterkill in Ontario Vineyards

Rick VanSickle - June 17, 2015

Inside the war room at Brock University’s Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute, research assistant Mary Jasinski is slicing open grape buds with a razor blade searching for signs of life. It’s a laborious task and in a winter like 2015, with its bitter cold over a sustained period of time, it can be disheartening: there’s barely a heartbeat deep inside the nuclei of those …

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